In my opinion, Jack Frost is the Jim Hawkins of the 2010s: overrated and paired with EVERY male and female and thought to be “super sexay” and I find that annoying.
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It annoys me when people put hiccup into Hufflepuff instead of Ravenclaw. He deserves to be in Ravenclaw. All that time he studied the dragons and designed toothless tail. Plus brainpower is supposed to be hiccup superpower because he’s not as strong as the other vikings

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I never got the whole Big Four Thing. Can’t people like Brave, Tangled, ROTG, or HTTYD without being forced to see Big Four stuff everywhere instead?

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It makes me sad to see other people hating on our fandom. I’m not sure if it’s something we did or people just hate the idea, but I feel like I’m getting attacked at all different angles for simply liking an idea.

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Sometimes i wish that there’s a movie of RotBTD, but then i realize how much chaos there would be with not everyone having their OTP ships in the movie and it just kind of makes me sad.

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Anonymous asked: I know it's not your fault, and I don't mean any offense or anything and you work hard, but I wish this blog wasn't updated more frequently than every 2 weeks... :/

I know dear anon, I know. I wish it, too. 

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Full confession : I wish there was a fanfic for the Big Four where they aren’t dating, but they’re best friends. They’d be really close, and get along well. They hang out a lot, share inside jokes, pull pranks, etc. And they’d set each other up on dates too. Jack with Tooth, Hiccup with Astrid, Rapunzel with Eugene and Merida could be crossovered with Aster. I find these four better off as friends, than put together as ships.

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Full confession : I ship Jarida and Hiccunzel, but what I’d love to see more of is a Hiccup/Merida friendship. Their cultures are similar and I think Merida would love to have the chance to ride a dragon.

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The tags are starting to get pretty boring. now 99,9% are fics, rps and reposts, reposts and more reposts. I miss when everyday we had new gifsets and arts on the tags.
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Hello my little followers :)

Sorry for the lack of posts those last weeks, but I was in holidays, and when I came back, my internet was dead x.X

But now it’s back, and I’ll post your confessions as soon as possible ! Have a nice day !


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